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Roasted pepper with tender chicken and spinach

Yay, we finally got ourselves a real camera. Crazy shit, huh? So far we just used my iPhone for all the pictures but now we definitely needed a real camera. We chose a Panasonic system camera and so far we are really happy with it. Since we’ve never had a […]



Yay, finally some cake. Loosing weight and eating cake is kind of hard, so we are always looking for a opportunity to bake a cake as a present. It was one of my colleagues’ birthday at work, so I thought we should bake something nice. Lars had the great idea […]


35 Minute Pizza

Today we’ve got a 35-minute Pizza for you. That is quite faster than most delivery services, isn’t it? In 2015, Germans spent about 1.15 billion Euro on frozen pizza. This is an incredible number concerning the popularity of self-made, fresh, regional food is at the moment. At least we got […]