The perfect summer drink

Do you know Bellini? It is the perfect alternative to sparkling wine in summer for parties for example. This cocktail is, as you might hear in the name, Italian and seems to be quite popular in Venice and, of course, Gelsenkirchen ūüėČ In case you don’t have a garden or a party, a renovation is just fine to drink Bellini. Our best friend and I drank some Bellini while renovating our living room and Lars made sure we had something to eat.


Coq au vin blanc with dumplings

Do you know any problems that can’t be solved or at least reduced with cream sauce, wine, dumplings and chicken? Well I can’t think of any.By pure chance, i got my personal coq au vin blanc here which I’m gonna share now. I’m pretty sure you’re gonna like it as well ūüôā
Coq au vin mit Kartoffelkl√∂√üen und Kr√§uternWell, without wordpress we wouldn’t have this site and wouldn’t be able to share all of our recipes with you, so this relationship with wordpress is quite alright.
When I’m having such trouble with the blog I’m even more happy to get some dish with everything one should avoid when trying to loose weight. Wine, cream, potatoes and chicken legs, so everything you need for my special coq au vin blanc. Best thing about this dish is that you only have to use 1 pan after forming the dumplings. They kind of soak in the sauce and you don’t need another pot.
Coq au vin mit Kartoffelklößen und Kräutern

What you need for Coq au vin blanc:

  • 2 chicken legs
  • 400 ml white wine (I’d choose a Chardonnay or Grey Burgundy)
  • 400-500g potatoes
  • 5 Champignons
  • 400 ml vegetable broth¬†(self-made if possible)
  • 1/2 Bunch chives
  • potatoe flour
  • 1 clove garlic
  • salt, pepper, paprika, nutmeg
  • some butter

How to prepare C0q au vin blanc zu:

  1. Rub the chicken legs with salt, pepper, paprika and sear them in a pan from both sides with some butter. Add the quarters of champignons and the chopped garlic. Pour the white wine and let it reduce to half. Now add the broth and let it simmer for about 40 minutes. Just don’t forget to turn it a few times. It should be semi covered in fluid, if it is not enough, just add some water.
  2. Peel the potatoes, put them in a pot with salted water and cook them until smooth. Press it through a potato press and press it a bit to the bottom of the bowl so that it has a straight surface. Now divide it into quarters, remove one in top of the rest and fill the hole with potato flour and add salt, nutmeg and the egg and mix it. Now form small balls and put them aside.
  3. ¬†Now add the cream to the sauce and put the dumplings in the pan to the chicken legs. let it reduce a bit, turn around the dumplings and then add the chopped chives, salt and pepper and that’s it.

It may be that there is a lot of fat in your sauce, then just take a spoon and get rid of to, that’s how we did it. Now, serve it and enjoy the coq au vin blanc.


Vanilla pudding with warm strawberries and rhubarb

Vanilla is the Queen of Spices, isn’t she? We almost use it for every dessert and sometimes even for hearty meals. It goes so damn well with asparagus or carrots fried in a pan. Delicious. But today is all about dessert, a vanilla pudding. Easy and tasty as usual. It doesn’t take more than 20 minutes to create this wonderful dish and the ingredients are quite cheap. So there could be no excuse not eating self-made pudding, can there? Pudding is great but it also has feelings and doesn’t want to be alone. So we decided to add some strawberries and rhubarb. There is nothing more you need for a great dessert.

Sponsored Post : Good knives and how we take care of them

Some years ago we bought 2 really good Global Knifes but we actually didn’t spend a single thought about how to sharpen it. Well, why should we, they work for quite some time, right? When they became blunt we did send them away, that wasn’t our best idea since we were out of knives for about a week or so. Another time we gave them to a professional grind shop but since we participated in a course at the Foodblogger camp Berlin in 2014, we always wanted to have a grind stone.Porschedesign-Messer

Well, now we actually do have one. We got a Porschedesign Knife¬†Serie CHROMA type 301¬†from¬†¬†as well as a grindstone iso that we decided to make a little video for you. This is absolutely not difficult and it pays off. Ok, The stone has to be in water for about 20 Minutes but after that it takes only a few minutes to sharpen your knives and you could actually prepare stuff in these 20 minutes. We don’t know, if you actually need a stone or one of the other varieties of equipment for your knives. Best is to check with a professional, usually they know what’s best for which knife. Before showing you how to sharpen knives, we have 5 tipps for you to prolong the effect and the life of your knife.