485 Grad pizzeria in cologne

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485 Grad pizzeria in cologne

I know, allegedly there is “the best pizza in town” around each corner of each city. And everyone is better than everyone else. There are numerous hipster shops everywhere as well. That makes it very hard to find something new or creative. But we actually found something.

We stayed in Cologne for 1 night because we wanted to be at the Gamescom very early so Lars proposed to eat something and I’m just like: yeah, I’m in. So we decided to have some pizza at 485°. That was a really good decision. It is no ordinary pizza but the dough has to rest 72 hours and they bake the pizza at 485° for just 60 seconds and it is just great. Sound a bit like advertisement but you can’t imagine how great it tastes.


The concept is quite easy: you try to find a place and if you are lucky enough you will find one. Then you go to the counter, order whatever you like, choose something to drink, take it from one of the fridges and take it to your place. As soon as the pizza is ready, they will bring it to you and you just have to enjoy it. Ok, and maybe think about how to eat such a huge pizza.

It is pretty obvious that we had pizza. but we had some starters as well. First starter was Caprese 2.0: tomatoes with mozzarella di buffala. I could actually eat so much of this that I am completely full. But well, we were 2 people so we had to have 2 starters. Second one was called “Schlemmerzunge reloaded”. It was Pizza with cheese, cheese and even more cheese. Great idea. It was really good.

Starters in the pizzeria 485°:



Well, now we come to our main courses. And I would like to say at this point that we didn’t have any dessert for obvious reasons. There are 2 sorts of pizza, one with tomato sauce and one without which reminded me of tarte flambé. I had a “Hellboy” 🙂 not only because I love superheroes but it sounded fabulous. Lars wanted the same so I suggested he takes something different and we share. Nice plan, almost ate everything by myself. 😀 So Lars took the “Speckenwolf mit Bacon”. Good choice, but mine was better. Mozzarella, chorizo, chili-honey…who can resist that? Ok, mushrooms, onions and bacon are nice, too. But take a look yourself:

 Our pizzas:


This picture shows our pizzas after we were done. It was not possible to eat one more bite.


So, besides fancy combinations ( I still can’t get the chili-honey out of my head) you get quite something for your money. Another highlight was the self-made lemonade with a lot of ginger. Very good, I still had a wine, I can’t resist it. There are some other drinks as well: Lemonades, Beer, wine, water, whatever you need.


(The sign says: We need to stop drinking less) 😉

We were quite late since we arrived in cologne only at 9. Then we had to go to the apartment before we were able to get sth to eat. So we were the last guests that day but still we didn’t have the feeling that they wanted to get rid of us. Ok, someone swept the floor but it was all good. It was not until we left that we realized that it should have been closed some time ago. It was so nice of them, that we could eat and take our time. We took the rests to the games com and we gotta say that even the next day this pizza was kind of a revelation to us.

So if you are in cologne some time, try this pizza 🙂


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