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Hey, this is Lars and Jana, the guys behind the blog. We love fresh food, eating, drinks, wine and almost everything else concerning “nutrition”. We are two students trying to cook and bake fresh meals every day despite the low income. Lars prefers to cook, Jana loves baking so we complement each other quite well for a bit more than 8 years now. 5 years ago we moved in together and especially then we found out that we both loved cooking and baking so much.Jana_Lars_35

We are definately not the types of persons to spread those popular nutrition ideologies. There are too many people talking about what you should eat and what you should never eat. We think there is a perfect solution: Eat whatever you like and if possible, DIY.joergs_fotos_12_von_125

Our blog is supposed to provide you with ideas for everyday meals. Some recipes are more complicated, others are very simple but not less tasty. We try to give you ideas for cakes and muffins and whatever sweet stuff you can imagine as well.

We really hope, you like the log and maybe get a bit inspired by it. If you have any comments or any suggestions for improvement, just let us know 🙂Jana_Lars-37

Thanks to  Picturepeople for these great photos 😉

Lars and Jana[:]

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