*AD* Frosé

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*AD* Frosé

Some of you might have already figured it out:

  1. we got a Vitamix and love it
  2. I love wine. Lars only drinks it in case it tastes like lemonade like Moscatel or Gewürztraminer and “wines” like this. 

Now we asked ourself what to use the Vitamix for after our asparagus soup. Because this is not a usual blender but has a lit more power. Smoothies are kind of old school already and kind of boring as a recipe as well. Don’t get us wrong, we make smoothies all the time but we think it is not worth putting in another recipe. Since we already started talking about smoothies, the Vitamix has a smoothie-function. Just put everything in and choose smoothie. In a few seconds you have the perfect smoothie. Of course, you can also prepare it manually. Just wanted you to know that it got that option.


Well, smoothies are not an option but what to do with our super-powered blender? We know that you can make crushed ice out of ice cubes and so we thought of shushed ice. But in fact, I saw some of these frosé videos on facebook and remembered them. So I thought, well frozen and rosé? Gotta be awesome, right? It is like slush with wine. It is more than perfect since we do really have a summer here in the middle of Germany. Usually it is like warm for 3-5 days and now it’s been more than a few weeks and so we really need some cool drinks

No one really expected this kind of summer here and you don’t even need to go somewhere for your summer holiday (ok, we still went to Italy, but you don’t really have to). Frosé is the perfect drink. It is frozen in the beginning an leaves you some time to drink ist. Of course, it defrosts and if you wait too long, you might end up with a cold glas of wine 😉 but still, there are worse things. Usually I am the red wine type of girl but concerning these temperatures, where you even have to cool red wine, I even prefer white and rosé. In fact at 35°C there is no way to drink anything that isn’t frozen or at least cooled. 

For crushing Ice cubes you really need a good blender. No one likes to bit onto pieces of ice. The blender we had before was just not able to do that properly. We already made so many things with the Vitamix, but the frosé is my favourite and we had it already a few times now, well I did. It is best to freeze the Rosé an evening before you wanna serve it in a plastic bag or something, just not the bottle (doesn’t make sense :D)  In fact, I prepare it then a few hours before serving so that I can put it back in the freezer again and take it out a few minutes before I wanna drink or serve it. It always depends on how cold your freezer is but I would recommend to wait around one hour.

*AD* Frosé


Some of you might have already figured it out: we got a Vitamix and love it I love wine. Lars only drinks it in case it tastes like lemonade like Moscatel or Gewürztraminer and “wines” like this.  Now we asked… Allgemein *AD* Frosé European Print This
Nutrition facts: 200 calories 20 grams fat
Rating: 5.0/5
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      • 750 ml Rosé wine (best is Merlot or Pinot noir, because they got more color)
      • 125g sugar
      • 125g water
      • 200g strawberries + 8-9 Strawberries
      • ice cubes
      • 70 ml lemon juice



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  1. Stellt einen Topf mit sehr gut gesalzenem Wasser auf den Herd und bringt es zum Kochen. Rührt in der Zeit die Eigelbe und den Pecorino zusammen und stellt die Mischung zur Seite. Gebt die Nudeln in das Wasser und kocht sie bei siedendem Wasser.
  2. Schneidet den Guanciale in kleine Stücke, legt ihn in eine kalte Pfanne und bratet den Guanciale knusprig. Kippt die Nudeln ab, fangt etwa 50-100ml vom Kochwasser auf und gebt die Nudeln in die Pfanne mit dem Guanciale. Kippt das Nudelwasser hinzu und lasst alles etwa 1 Minuten auf dem Herd stehen. Nehmt die Pfanne vom Herd, lasst sie kurz abkühlen und kippt die Ei-Käse-Mischung über die Nudeln. Vermengt alles zügig, damit die Mischung nicht zu Rührei wird und würzt die Mischung mit Salz und schwarzem Pfeffer.
  3. TIPP: Wenn es euch mit der heißen Pfanne zu heikel ist, könnt ihr die Nudeln aus der Pfanne auch in eine seperate Schüssel geben und erst dann die Eimischung dazugeben. In der Schüssel habt ihr 0 Risiko 😉
  4. Verteilt die Nudeln auf den Tellern und reibt noch etwas Pecorino drüber.


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