The perfect summer drink

Do you know Bellini? It is the perfect alternative to sparkling wine in summer for parties for example. This cocktail is, as you might hear in the name, Italian and seems to be quite popular in Venice and, of course, Gelsenkirchen 😉 In case you don’t have a garden or a party, a renovation is just fine to drink Bellini. Our best friend and I drank some Bellini while renovating our living room and Lars made sure we had something to eat.


Originally, a Bellini is made with peach but since Lars just loves nectarines, we created a Bellini for him especially. I think they don’t taste that different so its fine. If you use Prosecco, sparkling wine or even (if you have too much money) Champagne is totally up to you. I prefer dry or medium dry sparkling wine but Prosecco is fine as well just a bit sweeter I think. But if the fruit is really ripe, I don’t need any extra sweetness.Bellini-cocktail-sekt-tellerabgeleckt-foodblog

Just like Aperol Spritz and Hugo over the last few years, I think the Bellini is at a high this summer. Wherever you go, there is Bellini and even variations with red berries or whatever can be found these days.

Actually, it is really simple to make a Bellini, that’s why I don’t see no reason for buying one, especially since they are 90% too sweet.


What you need for a Bellini:


  • peaches or nectarines
  • Prosecco or sparkling wine
  • some water
  • a squeeze of lemon
  • some thyme

A few weeks ago we made 3 really large Bellinis from a bottle of Prosecco and needed 4 nectarines for that. They wer really ripe and tasty but if you have some that are not as ripe you might need a few more.

How to create a Bellini:

  1. put the sparkling wine/prosecco in the fridge to cool down.
  2. Peel the skin off and remove the stone, puree it in a mixer with a pinch of lemon. If the peaches are not quite ripe yet, just add 1-3 tablespoons of water. Now sieve it.
  3. Now add a bit of the puree to a nice glass, then pour some prosecco, add maybe a few slices of peach or nectarine, if necessary a bit of puree again and the thyme. The very last thing to do is enjoy it 🙂


Well, we didn’t have thyme because it was Sunday when we had the idea to take these pictures. On Sunday in Germany there is almost no possibility to get thyme anywhere.

It is really not that complicated, so why don’t you try it once? 😉

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