Black Forest Gateau

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Every year, May 12, We are having a Black Forest Gateau. Because without it, Lars couldn’t be happy at his birthday. Usually Lars is the one who loves to try new things and is kind of like “new is always better” but when it comes to his birthday, he is so old-shool. He definitely needs his favorite cake. Before we got together, Lars mother or sister did that but now it is my task 😀 And I really like it because I am always happy when I see how much Lars likes it.

This time I do have a variation as well. I had the idea for Black Forest cake pops some time ago but it is always easier and healthier to try this when I bake this cake anyway, otherwise we would eat way too much cake. I took 4 times the amount from our cake base recipe and made a 4 storied cake and some cakepops. But the cakepops were quite large because of the cherry in the middle. But very tasty.

The cake is without alcohol due to pregnant women and small children but the Cakepops are made with rum. Might be a pirate-recipe, though 🙂

I just took the left-overs from the cake (usually the top of what I baked) and made cakepops from it. So I used 7 heavy creams but I used it’s leftovers from the cake. So 7 is enough for a gateau and cakepops. But when you have to whisk it anyway, why not whisk all at the same time? 😉 I usually don’t like too much cream because it is a cherry gateau and not a cream gateau. There are many people who would use a lot more cream than I do but I think that is not necessary.


Black Forest Gateau

Every year, May 12, We are having a Black Forest Gateau. Because without it, Lars couldn’t be happy at his birthday. Usually Lars is the one who loves to try new things and is kind of like “new is always… Allgemein Black Forest Gateau European Print This
Nutrition facts: 200 calories 20 grams fat
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      • dough for 4 cake bases (with cocoa)
      • 7 heavy cream (each 200ml)
      • 7 packs vanilla sugar
      • 1 glass of cherries
      • some rum or aroma if you have to use it
      • chocolate shavings
      • for the cakepops some cherry schnaps
      • about 200g dark chocolate


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Black Forest gateau:

  1. Mix all the ingredients for the dough. When you did this you can either bake it as a whole or in 2 equal cake tins. I usually have a 26 cm tin and I chose 2 tins because it needs less time. Add some rum or aroma to the cherries and let it rest. Sometimes I already prepare this the day before.
  2. Mix each 1 cream with one vanilla sugar and whisk it. I don't whisk 7 at a time but if you have a machine that can handle it, go ahead.
  3. As soon as the cake bases are cooled down, cut them.
  4. Now take a base, spread some cream on it and add some cherries which you drained before. This is the same procedure with every base until you are done. I did 4 but 3 are perfectly alright. And as I said  I used the rest for cakepops. The last layer should be cream which you can top with spots of cream and a cherry on top.
  5. Now just spread the chocolate shavings and let it cool down a while before eating it. I usually let it rest for 1 Night. Well, I think it tastes better the second day, like so many other things 😀


    1. Take what you have left of the cake base and crush it. Add some cherry schnaps and the rest of the cream. That might depend on how much cream you like. I had one left which was perfectly alright.
    2. Chose some nice cherries after they drained and put some dough around it, form a ball and put it in the freezer for about 30 minutes. This time I used a board so that you have some space to maybe place some whipped cream. We didn't need that though, it was really heavy without the cream 😀
    3. Melt the chocolate on a water bath and put a stick in the chocolate first and then into each ball. As soon as every cake pop got 1 stick, put it back to the freezer.
    4. The last step is to cover them in chocolate and put them in a fridge. Thats it. Now you just have to eat it.





I hope you like the Black Forest gateau as much as Lars does and maybe try it and post a pic of it. I always like to see the variations 😉


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