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This post is made in cooperation with use again.
We got a really nice snack for you. I mean when you are not at home and wanna eat something it has to be fast food, right? We don’t have any other options here, sadly.

Do you know what is really hard? Finding healthy and tasty meals to go. AT least where we live, you can only get kebabs, burger, fries and this stuff. But you can hardly find anything eatable even though it is not too hard to make something healthy. So we really depend on food we can take to work or uni. Since we wanna loose some more weight, we can’t eat the stuff you get to go. And we don’t want to. Usually we cook something the day before so we have some more time in the morning, because that is when time counts 😀

Did you find a perfect lunchbox yet? We always have the problem that they are either not the right size or they were leaking or something. So we were constantly looking for a better one. And finally we found one at use again.

Why we decided to have a cooperation with them? Well, they have a lot of brands and different kinds of lunch boxes. The customers are very happy with them, they are not too expensive and they care about recycling and environment protection. We didn’t decide to get one made of stainless steel, but they offer those. We didn’t like the looks too much so we decided to take a monbento box. This one is really great, you got enough space and doesn’t leak and looks great;) So, in case you still need a lunch box, take a look there.

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