Sunday dinner

Allgemein, english, Sunday dinner

Boeuf Bourguignon

Finally! I managed to write the article about Boeuf Bourguignon which is my favorite dish since forever. I mean it kind of has to be, right. It is beef that has been stewed for hours and red wine. Even Lars likes red wine in food and loves this recipe. We thing […]

Allgemein, Sunday dinner

35 Minute Pizza

Today we’ve got a 35-minute Pizza for you. That is quite faster than most delivery services, isn’t it? In 2015, Germans spent about 1.15 billion Euro on frozen pizza. This is an incredible number concerning the popularity of self-made, fresh, regional food is at the moment. At least we got […]

Allgemein, english, Sunday dinner

chicken fricassee

Well, the weather doesn’t change for better so the season for: I need warming food on the sofa’ will be extended. Well, you’re lucky, we have a chicken fricassee here for you that does exactly that. I haven’t eaten it in a very long time and when I proposed it, […]