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Roasted pepper with tender chicken and spinach

Yay, we finally got ourselves a real camera. Crazy shit, huh? So far we just used my iPhone for all the pictures but now we definitely needed a real camera. We chose a Panasonic system camera and so far we are really happy with it. Since we’ve never had a […]

Kokosjoghurt mit Blutorangen

Coconut yoghurt with blood oranges

New month, new yoghurt. Do you know these days when you wake up, wanna have a nice breakfast and realize you forgot to buy anything? Well that means using up scraps as effectively as possible. Luckily, Jana had bought some coconut yoghurt. I did not know that before but now […]


self-made chocolate – the perfect gift

Christmas is the time for sweets, isn’t it? Sweets are everywhere…chocolate, cookies, desserts wherever one looks. This week we got some ideas for you so that you get the sugar rush you need 🙂 We got 3 ideas for you to increase your sugar level during Christmas time. We start […]


Boeuf Bourguignon

Finally! I managed to write the article about Boeuf Bourguignon which is my favorite dish since forever. I mean it kind of has to be, right. It is beef that has been stewed for hours and red wine. Even Lars likes red wine in food and loves this recipe. We thing […]

Joghurt mit Ananas

Yoghurt with pineapple and coconut

Since we eat yoghurt for breakfast around 4 times a week and try out new combinations of everything, we thought about posting one of these recipes once a month. We’ll see how long that lasts in the end, but we try. Have you ever fried pineapple? Oh my God, that is […]