Month: August 2016

Allgemein, english

Super tasty fried dim sum

Those things I’m gonna show you today are just great. I could eat them every day, but I’d look like a sumo wrestler in no time 😀 I kind of don’t want this to happen. Those dim sum things I got today are not steamed but fried because we don’t […]


Blueberry-vanilla and red fruit jam

In case you follow us on instagram, you might have noticed that we have been picking blueberries with Ilona from nofastfoodtoday. It was quite great, I can tell you. Lars and I just wanted to pick about 1 Kg of blueberries and ended up with 2.5 kg of blueberries, strawberries and […]

Allgemein, english

2 really great steak sandwiches

Finally, we managed to get some nice pics of our all-time favorite steak sandwiches. We always loved the sandwiches but until today the pictures were not good enough to show them off. It might be thanks to our new reflector. This thingy is very good and very life-threatening at the […]