Month: January 2017

Schichtsalat im Glas

#fitfood: A really nice salad in a jar

Salad is one of those dishes that can’t be more boring, do you agree? Well, very often that is exactly the case but there are exceptions to everything, right? But salad is low carb (without croutons) and healthy (without mayonnaise) and if you use the right dressing it can be […]


Wholemeal pasta with baked tomatoes

As we said a few entries ago, Wednesday is the day for some carbs in order not to die and to fill up our carb storage until the weekend. Baked tomatoes and wholemeal pasta are perfect for that purpose. Good carbs are in there, tomatoes and some cottage cheese, mal […]


#fitfood breakfast: yoghurt and fruit

Be honest, do you eat bread for breakfast every morning or even pancakes? We do. Preferably yoghurt rolls with Nutella, jam or cheeeeeeeese. Just don’t fit our low carb way, right? Breakfast is an important dish during the day. Especially if you have to work and / or study(at university […]


Almond-salmon with fennel-orange salad

Yay, we made salmon. almond-salmon to be exact. Since we just post healthy recipes this month we replaced the breadcrumb coating with spices and almonds. Not as crunchy as the original but it tastes so damn good. As a side dish we chose fennel orange salad. And even those of […]


How we lost more than 30 lbs

New Year, new plans, right? We startet a little early, namely in September. We thought it would be best to tell you what we needed and what we didn’t need for loosing weight. It always depends but we found a pretty nice solution for ourselves and we wanna share it […]