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*AD* Frosé

Some of you might have already figured it out: we got a Vitamix and love it I love wine. Lars only drinks it in case it tastes like lemonade like Moscatel or Gewürztraminer and “wines” like this.  Now we asked ourself what to use the Vitamix for after our asparagus […]

Die besten Cookies der Welt mit schoki

The world’s best cookies :)

We definitely want to blog more about some standard recipes that everyone would know and have. You know, things everyone always wanted to try or that we cook all the time, something like that. One of those will be a Bolognese sauce that will come soon and another of those […]

35 Minuten Pizza

35-minute Pizza

Pizzatime again 🙂 We love Pizza and could actually eat it like 4 times a week which would be bad for our weight but still it tastes extremely delicious which makes it too hard to resist. We got a pretty fast and easy one for you. It only takes 35 […]

Kokosjoghurt mit Blutorangen

Coconut yoghurt with blood oranges

New month, new yoghurt. Do you know these days when you wake up, wanna have a nice breakfast and realize you forgot to buy anything? Well that means using up scraps as effectively as possible. Luckily, Jana had bought some coconut yoghurt. I did not know that before but now […]