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Hey, you might have noticed that we did not post as much as usual these last days and there is a simple but wonderful reason for that. And this reason is what we want to tell you about in this article. It all started with our best friend telling us his plan of proposing to his girlfriend on his birthday, when family and friends are there <3.  Seriously, if everyone gets a birthday cake, one must have an engangement cake 🙂 First he asked us to prepare a chockolate cake shaped like a heart, but in the end it became a gateau with fondant and a “yes, whe will” on it. Since he just told us Saturday that he was going to propose Tuesday and we talked about the gateau Sunday, we had to prepare all Monday and Tuesday to get the gateau done. We would recommend to plan some more time. Especially since we even had to do another cake because it was his birthday 😀

I actually just did 1 single fondant cake before. (the minion you might have seen if you follow us on instagram) Lars doesn’t have any experience with fondant so far. So we did the only thing we should: watch youtube-videos 😀  One could say that it was a lot of work but it was worth every minute. The bride and groom to be were really happy and it even tasted good 🙂 We will provide you with a timetable and the recipes because it is quite a lot to do and one should not forget the time needed between steps. The bases have to cool down the gateau has to rest one night in the fridge and so on, so 2-3 days alltogether would be necessary for a gateau like this.

Torte 4



Hey, you might have noticed that we did not post as much as usual these last days and there is a simple but wonderful reason for that. And this reason is what we want to tell you about in this… Allgemein Engagement-Gateau European Print This
Nutrition facts: 200 calories 20 grams fat
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Utensils: Whisk, round Banking tin (about 26cm), cake ring, scales, bowls, high container, board, knife, mixer

      • 3 bases chocolate
      • 600g Mascarpone
      • 100g heavy cream
      • 1 vanilla pod
      • ca 100-150g sugar


      • white fondant (we bought 1kg for everything)
      • some red marzipan or fondant
      • pink and silver pearls made of sugar
      • cling film
      • rolling pin
      • flower cutters


Utensils: bowl, knife, board, pot, whisk

      • 400ml heavy cream
      • 600g dark chocolate (more than 70% cocoa)


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  1. Make the bases, I prefer to make them one by one just so I don't have to cut them. Tiny hint: put a bowl filled with water in the oven and remove the dough from rim after it got a bit hard, like that the dough won't go up in the middle of the base like it always does with our cakes.
  2. As long as the bases cool down, you can prepare the cream: mix mascarpone with the whipped cream, vanilla and sugar until it's creamy. You won't need any gelatin here because the mascarpone is solid enough for this purpose.
  3. When everything has cooled down, take one base and put it in the ring, then add some cream, another base, cream, base. Take the most even base for the last layer so that it is easier to get a straight surface.
  4. Leave the gateau in fridge for one night, that would be best.


  1. Put some cling film on the table so that you have enough space to roll the fondant, maybe add some icing sugar. First work the fondant with your hands, like that it get softer.
  2. To roll out the fondant: put a piece of cling film on top of the fondant and roll it out. It's important that you use cling film because otherwise it would stick to the rolling pin (except you have a special fondant rolling pin) and it prevents crumbs to join the fondant, which is definately better.
  3. Cut out some flowers (we did quite a lot in case some were not as good as we thought or break or whatever). Doesn't hurt to have some up your sleeve. Put a sugarpearl in the middle and let them dry. That's it 🙂


  1. Chop up some chocolate, heat the cream and put the warm boiling cream over the chocolate.
  2. Leave it for about 5 Minutes and then stir with the whisk.
  3. The Ganache has to cool down before you can use it, since it is too liquid. But in case it gets too thick just heat it up in the microwave or in a double-Boiler.

Gateau, again:

Utensils: Japan spatula, something to put the gateau on, maybe to turn it, fondant, Decoration, cotton buds and water, ganache, piping bag or something similar to write on the gateau.

  1. Place the ganache on the edge with the japan spatula. It doesn't have to be very accurate since there will be another layer after 10 minutes cooling down in the fridge. This time it should be very accurate and smooth. Then place it on top of the gateau. The more accurate you work here the better the fondant looks. The Ganache is there to smoothen the surface so that the fondant looks even.
  2. Depending on whether you want round or square corners you either have to round it or not 😀 Then you put it in the fridge for about half an hour.
  3. Meanwhile you can prepare the fondant. It is very important that you have enough fondant not only to cover the gateau but I would say about 10 cm more. so just add 10 cm to the diameter of your gateau (including the sides!)
  4. After half an hour, take the gateau out of the fridge and cover it with the fondant, first smooth out the surface but not too rough because the fondant can easily crack. Then stroke down the sides but try to avoid bends.
  5. We even put fondant on the plate but that is not necessary, we just wanted it because some flowers go down to the plate so that we thought it would look nicer:)
  6. Now it's time to decorate 🙂 we alternately took a flower with a pink pearl and then one with a silver one and put the red ones together so that it kind of looks like a bouquet.
  7. heated up the Ganache, put it in a self-made piping bag and wrote about 100000000000 times "Ja, sie will" ("Yes, whe will") in chocolate everywhere I found some space. Actually if you once start to write on the gateau there is no turning back. There is no room for mistakes so I tried like a million times 😀


All of this including the shopping should be possible in one day. A good idea would be to get the decoration even earlier if possible because you might not get everything you want. We did a list but forgot some things so that we had to buy a few things while preparing everything which was a bit annoying:D

We even prepared the flowers on day 1 so that they could dry out a bit before we used them.

torte 1

The second day you can coat the gateau with Ganache and fondant and decorate it. Of course you can leave the decoration for day 3, but that doesn’t take too  much time 🙂

torte 2

torte 3

I can only recommend you to not do it on your own. If there is someone willing to help, take the chance. It is so much work and some parts are hardly possible (for an amateur/hobby baker) to deal with on your own.

I know, it took me a while to translate it, but it was a lot and actually not that easy. I hope you still enjoy it,

Lars and Jana 🙂

P.S. next year there will be a wedding cake 🙂

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