#fitfood breakfast: yoghurt and fruit

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Be honest, do you eat bread for breakfast every morning or even pancakes? We do. Preferably yoghurt rolls with Nutella, jam or cheeeeeeeese. Just don’t fit our low carb way, right?

Breakfast is an important dish during the day. Especially if you have to work and / or study(at university or at home doesn’t matter). We kind of leave it out at weekends occasionally but we wouldn’t be happy or satisfied or fit if we left it out during the weekdays. Soooo, we don’t eat bread, that’s for sure. But what else? Sometime we fry beans and eat eggs but usually I can’t eat a lot before work. I’ll just have my coffee and get ready. So very often I end up taking some muesli or yoghurt and fruit to work so I can eat it after I really woke up.breakfast-yoghurt As a birthday-gift I got a vanilla paste and I can tell you 1. I still have a lot even though I use it frequently and 2. that it tastes so delicious in yoghurt and 3. DON’T EVER try it pure. It is so disgusting 😀 I often use it for my breakfast, Lars ain’t such a huge fan. To sweeten the yoghurt up we use honey or maple syrup. OMG I love maple syrup. The real one, not the American sweety kind of thing that destroys the whole flavour. We just add a little because we wanna stay low calorie.breakfastToday we even got 3 versions for you. It is not completely low carb but better than bread. And it is so boring, always having the same breakfast so we prepared three version to choose from. That is quite easy regarding the variety of fruit you can use, whether it is summer or winter. Just take what you’re offered and there you go.

breakfastWe try to vary a lot but usually banana is part of it. You get enough power and it doesn’t cost too much and you can get it almost everywhere. Concerning strawberries for example, we usually just buy them when they are regional. So now you wouldn’t find fresh strawberries. We used some frozen raspberries, but well, they were frozen 😀

You see, breakfast without bread doesn’t have to be boring. Just vary a bit and that’s the whole secret.

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