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Poutine im Frittenwerk

[wzslider autoplay=”true”][wzslider autoplay=”true”] Shall we tell you a secret? We love fries. Preferably as thick as a finger and as crispy as possible and with a lot of sauce. So when we heard of the Frittenwerk in Düsseldorf, which is quite close to us, we HAD to pay them a visit. There was no other option.

Poutine mit Rahmsoße im FrittenwerkPoutine

In 2014, Jana stayed in Canada for 2 Months and of course, she tried and loved maple syrup and Poutine. Seriously no one has ever heard of this in Germany before, I think. When she finally came home and told me about it (we did Skype everyday but telling it in person is so much better 😉 ) I wasn’t quite convinced that this dish was really great. I mean, yeah, fries with sauce…boring….But when I saw pictures of Poutine at the Frittenwerk for the first time, that changed my opinion. It looks soo tasty. Oh my god. Golden-brownish, not too skinny, crispy, sauce everywhere, topped with cheese and some herbs. I guess no one could eat that every lunch break but it is so great.
Pommes mit Chili con Carne im Frittenwerk

Poutine Variation Frittenwerk#iminlovewiththepoutine

They call themselves the fries manufacturer instead of chip shop or snack bar or whatever word they use. It might be because they produce their sauces and fries themselves from real potatoes (yes, that is absolutely possible 😉 ), and get the sausage from a butcher next door. Well, talking about sauces, they have a really huge amount of sauces including 6 different poutines… You can get chili con carne, mushroom sauce, guacamole and almost whatever you can imagine.The place looks nothing like a snack bar. It feels like a tiny paradise right in the middle of a huge city with millions of people (I said feels like 😀 ) running around and you’re in a tiny fries manufacture eating the best fries you ever had…sounds like heaven to me. Well, Ok, the place is in the middle of a train station but it is as beautiful and nice as it could possibly be. Look at those fresh herbs. Viel Grün im FrittenwerkIt seems as if people liked it as much as we do because whenever we go there we have a really hard time finding a place to eat. Yes it is tiny but we love it and whenever you are in Düsseldorf, you should try it.

Theke im FrittenwerkDisadvantages

There are only two of them. First thing: they don’t have desserts. I love first fat then sweet. Who doesn’t? I think, it’s sad but still, the fries are great.

Second thing:  There are no small servings. Like say you wanna try 5 variations. You have to take the regular size, I think if they offered say 3 smaller servings as a combination, one could try even more. That would be beyond awesome. But maybe they want it like that because that forces people to come back, and  we have to admit, it worked 😀

So in the ende we really recommend it to all of you.

#friesbeforeguys 😉
Getränke im Frittenwerk

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