[sponsored post] California meets balconia

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[sponsored post] California meets balconia

Yay, a post about wine. I’m going crazy. It is no secret that I love wine, and so it is even better to write an article about wine, barbecue and a great evening with friends. These wines are from California and I kind of like America (well, I study english so it only makes sense). Thats nice 🙂

We hatte postpone our barbecue with our friends about 10 times but in the end we managed to meet. There was always something intervening. Either the weather wasn’t so much on our side (in Gelsenkirchen the weather was really awful this summer. We had a lot of rain) or our friends who work for the police had to work quite spontaneously. It is not easy with those friends. But the Monday before my birthday( which was Tuesday) everyone was free and the weather was quite ok, even though it rained a bit but that was later this evening. So we had a really nice evening with barbecue and wine 🙂


And seriously, is there anything better than having a barbecue with your best friends, playing a fun game and drinking wine? I don’t think so. usually I am the only one drinking wine but this time we had something for everyone. All the wines were from Gallo but very different.

We had a Moscato, a very sweet white wine but since Lars likes it we had to have it. We also had to have a rosé and chose the White Zinfandel. Personally, I am not a huge fan of this one because it is so sweet. I prefer dry. But my friends prefer sweet so they at least wer very happy with this rosé. I had the Grenache a few times and I prefer that one, so does my mother-in-law loves this wine very much.

I wanted to drink at least one as well so I chose a Merlot, usually not my favorite but this one is quite tasty. And last but not least I wanna introduce you to a new member if the Gallo Family: Summer Red. This one is really fruity, you should definitely drink it cooled because it is very sweet but I have to admit that I liked it very much.


Since I prefer heavy, dry red wines, I was a bit surprised but I actually really like the Summer Red. The cooler a drink, the better. So cool Summer Red is just the right think to drink on a warm summer’s day. Ok, we don’t have too many of those here but when we do we have to make the best of it. Drinking this wine plain was still a bit too sweet but we decided that this wine would be best for a cocktail. Easy cocktails without liquor are great for summer and everything with wine is great 😉

So first we ate and drank a glass of wine. It fits quite nicely to a barbecue. Even though one might not think that. Later we had Cocktails and played a game. But now we wanna tell you how to make this cocktail 🙂


What you need for this cocktail with wine:

[ingredients title=””]

  • 4 cl melon-peach-puree
  • 6 cl Summer Red
  • Ice cubes
  • peach slices
  • Prosecco to fill it up


How to mix the Cocktail:

[directions title=””]

  1. Usually you don’t just prepare a single Cocktail so I took half a small melon and 2 peaches and pureed it. And then I used 4 cl of this for the Cocktail.
  2. First you should sieve the puree and pour it in the glass, then wine and ice cubes and last the prosecco. Because when you serve it without stirring it you get a nice color gradient.

We can definitely recommend you to try this wine. Even those amongst you who say they don’t like wine will like it, I am pretty sure about that. If you don’t like it too sweet, as I do, you should try the Cocktail.

Thank you so much to Gallo Family Vineyards for these great wines. And even though the choice wasn’t easy, we are happy with what we chose and the wine was perfect for a barbecue with our friends.

If you have a few days of summer left, try this cocktail and the wine, it is worth it.

Enjoy it, wine-lover Jana


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