Sponsored Post : Good knives and how we take care of them

Some years ago we bought 2 really good Global Knifes but we actually didn’t spend a single thought about how to sharpen it. Well, why should we, they work for quite some time, right? When they became blunt we did send them away, that wasn’t our best idea since we were out of knives for about a week or so. Another time we gave them to a professional grind shop but since we participated in a course at the Foodblogger camp Berlin in 2014, we always wanted to have a grind stone.Porschedesign-Messer

Well, now we actually do have one. We got a Porschedesign Knife Serie CHROMA type 301 from Kochmesser.de as well as a grindstone iso that we decided to make a little video for you. This is absolutely not difficult and it pays off. Ok, The stone has to be in water for about 20 Minutes but after that it takes only a few minutes to sharpen your knives and you could actually prepare stuff in these 20 minutes. We don’t know, if you actually need a stone or one of the other varieties of equipment for your knives. Best is to check with a professional, usually they know what’s best for which knife. Before showing you how to sharpen knives, we have 5 tipps for you to prolong the effect and the life of your knife.

  1. Do NOT clean the knife in a dishwasher, because the tabs contain acids that attack the blade and the knife could rust like this.
  2. Clean the knife directly after using it, there might remain stains on your knife.
  3. Choose the riggt place to store your knife. A knife block or a magnetic rack. At least avoid them lying in the drawer with all the other kitchen stuff.
  4. Be aware of wrong usage. Tetrapacks, plastic wrapping etc shouldn’t be cut open with a knife. Better use scissors, these materials make you blade go blunt very fast. For food like peppers, use the inner side to cut them.
  5. Choose the right mat for your knife.  This is with a lot. A wooden board is very good because it is not to hard. Glas or things like that are rather to be avoided because they are only causing damage. Plastic is ok, though.

The best choice is to speak to a knife pro and ask what kind of grindstone or other equipment you need. There are so many possibilities that it’s better to ask. Better get some advice before buying just anything. But know, here’s  the video we promised. We hope that you see how easy it is to keep your knives sharp and healthy 🙂

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