Summer drinks for hot days

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Summer drinks for hot days

Well, ok, it is not hot that often here in Germany and especially in the Ruhrpott where we live. But if it is for a few days, you have to make the best use possible of it. So we don’t have a pool or a garden or even a balcony ( 🙁 very sad) and since it is too hot to stay in your apartment and even worse at university, you have to find something. We found summer drinks.

It is even too hot to eat. Usually at those temperatures I don’t wanna eat anything but fruit right out of the fridge. That is so great. Watermelon or peaches or strawberries, whatever I can get:) But nothing refreshes you like cool summer drinks. Whether it is lemonade, infused water or iced coffee. Cold is always nice.

We drink a lot of water, well, Lars more than I do but I try my best. Just pure water is sometimes so…tasteless. So just add some fruit and mint and it becomes something healthy, great and tasty. And its so much better than coke or whatever because I don’t add any sugar, there is really no need for sugar at all. The lemonade is not that healthy but really good as well. And I don’t wanna talk about the iced coffee’s calories that would be depressing, I think it might even be worth a whole meal. But sometimes one needs that, right?

On my las shopping trip through our city I found these glasses and I really love them. They look so nice and because of their attached drinking straws with a lit you don’t get any insects in your drinks. And you can reuse the straw. Great idea.

Today I’m gonna introduce you 3 of my favorite summer drinks. Just one thing: you shouldn’t drink everything you prepared for a picture. Those 3 balls of vanilla ice cream in the iced coffee were too much for my stomach 😀 It tasted great but I had bellyache on a new level

What you need for the first summer drink: infused Water

[ingredients title=”Ingredients”]

  • 230ml water
  • 3 strawberries
  • 1 slice of lemon
  • 2-3 mint leaves


How to do it:

You get about 250 ml but you can easily make larger amounts. The water has to rest so that the strawberries can work. We love to prepare it over night and take it to university. Just cut the strawberries and lemon slice in quarters and put in in a glass or bottle with some mint leaves. It is so refreshing and the mint gives it a real kick 🙂


What you need for summer drink number 2: lemonade

[ingredients title=”Ingredients”]

  • 100ml passion fruit juice
  • 150ml ginger ale
  • 1 piece of ginger (thumb size)
  • 1 passion fruit


How to prepare it:

Cut the passion fruit in half and get the pulp out of them. Peel the ginger and put it both in a glass. Then infuse it with passion fruit juice and ginger ale. I would let this drink as well rest but just about half an hour in the fridge. We didn’t invent this drink but we drank it at a restaurant called Luck in a cup. It is really refreshing and even though I am not a huge fan of ginger, I really love that drink.


What you need for the last summer drink: Iced Coffee

[ingredients title=”Ingredients”]

  • 100ml coffee
  • 150ml milk
  • 2 balls of ice cream (e.g. vanilla)


How to prepare this drink:

First, make a coffee and let it cool down. I took a Café au lait from my Dolce Gusto but you can take whatever you like. I don’t like it that intense so I chose a mild one, you can take the coffee you like best.

Now put it in a mixer with milk and 1 ball of the ice-cream. You need the ice cream for the foam. Now just pour it in a glass, add another ball of ice cream and enjoy it 🙂



You can always add some (crushed) ice to it but I think they melt too far and make it too watery .

enjoy the drinks, Jana

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