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Top 3 Sunday meals

Sunday Meals top 3 Sunday, you are the best day. Is there anyone who doesn’t like Sunday? Sunday is a synonym for good food, netflix, couch, sports, leisure time and the day before evil Monday. This article is about Food, who would have guessed that? To be exact we’ll talk […]

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Top 3 Sweets

Who can resist sweets? Be honest. Ok, maybe these things you can buy but I gotta admit I can never resist anything self-made. Cakes, cupcakes, whatever…I can never resit these things. And cake is always great, not just for birthdays but with a cup of coffee and your best friend…I […]

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Top 3 Breakfast

We’ve heard that BREAKFAST is supposed to be the most important meal of the day. Jana and I are so different when it comes to breakfast. As soon as Jana wakes up, her body tells her that she has no reserves and that she has to eat immediately in order […]