Top 3 Breakfast

We’ve heard that BREAKFAST is supposed to be the most important meal of the day. Jana and I are so different when it comes to breakfast. As soon as Jana wakes up, her body tells her that she has no reserves and that she has to eat immediately in order not to starve right now. I actually need 1 to 2 hours before I can eat something and love to do sports before, I personally can run best with an empty stomach. But when I have breakfast it has to be good, a smoothie is not enough, Jana could live with a smoothie but I don’t think it is a proper meal. Germany is actually in third place when it comes to not liking breakfast ( crazy for a bread-based country, but ok, lets believe it). There are just Australia and Saudi Arabia in front if us, each 7%. Well, that has to be an opportunity to make a top 3 breakfast 😉

Number 1
Yoghurt rolls

Oh my god, these rolls are just heaven. Super easy, you can prepare them the day before and just enjoy them. That has to be enough to put it in 1st place. You can find the recipe here

Number 2
Guacamole sandwich with egg

Guacamole and a soft egg yolk are the perfect combination. While the egg boils, prepare the guacamole and you breakfast is ready in just a few minutes. If you know how to keep guacamole for more than 1 day, please tell us. You wanna have the recipe, no problem, just click here.

Number 3
Omelett aka power breakfast

If you need a lot of power for let’s say a long run or a long workout, we got the perfect breakfast for you, guys. Eggs, veggies and tomato sauce. We tell you how to do it right here.

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