Top 3 Sunday meals

Sunday Meals top 3

Sunday, you are the best day. Is there anyone who doesn’t like Sunday? Sunday is a synonym for good food, netflix, couch, sports, leisure time and the day before evil Monday.

This article is about Food, who would have guessed that? To be exact we’ll talk about our top 3 favorite Sunday meals. So why don’t you cook something Sunday? We’re sure, there will be someone to eat it and who will be very happy about it 😉

Number 1
roast chicken

This will probably be number 1 for a lot of people, right? It’s a typical “today my granny’s gonna cook for us” meal. Well, even grannies need some time off, so why don’t you for a change make a roast chicken for her? We’re pretty sure she will be delighted. Click here to get to the recipe.

Number 2
Braised shoulder of lamb

It is kind of the signature dish of Jamie Oliver. We can’t count all the times we watched Mr Oliver put it in the oven. It is super tasty and so easy. Even those of you who say “nah, I can’t cook, it’s gonna be awful” should really try it. It is super easy and so tasty. You’re gonna impress everyone. To get to the recipe, click here.
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Number 3

Now, what are the 3 magical words? Lets gratinate it. Right 🙂 Everything with cheese is so much better. And mac’n’cheese is a real soul food so you should really give it a try if you haven’t already, get the recipe here.


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