Top 3 Sweets

Who can resist sweets? Be honest. Ok, maybe these things you can buy but I gotta admit I can never resist anything self-made. Cakes, cupcakes, whatever…I can never resit these things. And cake is always great, not just for birthdays but with a cup of coffee and your best friend…I mean, seriously, that is the best thing in the world. Maybe men do it not as often as we but still…why not?

Lars and I love sweets. That’s why we needed a top 3 sweets in our top 3 list. breakfast, Sunday lunch and veggie are important, too but there is nothing like sweets. We were quite sure about the categories but when it came to the recipes, Lars had different ideas than I. He loves chocolate, I don’t really need it but in the end we had our top 3 and I’m gonna introduce them to you 🙂


Number 1:
“Death by Chocolat”

Oh my God. I mean, yeah I don’t need chocolate but when it comes to this cake, I will make an exception. I love this cake, especially when its still wet inside. With buttermilk and coffee, this is the perfect cake. Decorated like this it is the perfect birthday gift, so if you wanna try it, you get the recipe here.

death-by-chocolate-kochblog-tellerabgelecktNumber 2:

We love these muffins, they are fast and easy and taste way better than they look;) You can make them all year because you don’t really need fresh cherries, the ones in a glass are fine. And the combination from cherries and coconut is awesome. The recipe awaits you right here.


Number 3:
Meringue with fruit

Merinque, fruit, nuts, caramel and all that by Jamie Oliver, that must be great. And yes, it really is, sometimes he has really good ideas. Although we reduced the sugar in it what didn’t make it ways less sweet so we really recommend you to try it yourself here.


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