Top 3 vegetarian meals

Eating meat everyday is not really nice, right. That’s why we try to avoid it a few days of the week. Sometimes it is really hard to get ideas. We both grew up with a lot of meat and so it becomes a habit very fast. But we don’t want that so we search blogs, pinterest, instagram and cook books until we find something nice. We’re quite sure that there might be some amongst you that have the same problem, so here are our tips:

Number 1:

Seriously, a really good curry doesn’t even need any meat. As long as you take fresh vegetables and maybe a naan-bread, it is a great dish. It’s sooooo tasty and especially my mom (janas) is always happy when she gets some. You know, whenever we wanna do something good for her, its gonna be veggie-curry.You can find the recipe here.

Number 2:
Tacchino Piccante

Maybe some of you know it from Vapiano, but there they serve it with chicken. We don’t need chicken here so our version is meat-free but doesn’t taste less good. Why don’t you try it? You can find the recipe here

Number 3:
Risotto with veggie-balls

Just because it is number 3 doesn’t mean it doesn’t taste as good as the others. It just takes a little more time to prepare. But it is sooooo worth the time, we can really recommend it. What you need and how you prepare it can be read here.risotto-gemüsebällchen-pesto

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