Vegetable Curry aka Soul Food par Excellence

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Indian food <3 and especially Indian curry.

We lately discovered Indian food. Of course, we knew it but we never knew that it could be so god damn good. We meet once a week to play games and we usually order food instead of cooking (just takes too long). So a few times we ordered indian food and in our city there is a great indian restaurant. We love the spices and coriander and the hotness. We are so looking forward to cooking more indian food.

Today I’ll start with vegetable curry.It’s perfect to use up scraps. It also warms you up, especially now when it’s quite cold here in Germany, it’s about 0°C. We’re giving you a few vegetables here but actually you can take whatever you have left or like. The only important thing is to keep in mind the cooking time of each vegetable so that everything is ready at the same time. Those things who need most of the time get in first.

It’s a real soul food we think 🙂

Ps: If you wanna make the perfect bread, just mix 200g flour with 2 tbsp yoghurt and salt. Now add some water until you have a smooth dough. Let it rest at a warm place for half an hour and roll it out, put it in a hot pan with oil. Of course, you can fill it as well. I chose potatoes, onions and garlic this time, but be creative. There are 100000000 possibilities.

enjoy it, Lars


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